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Our mission is to unite disillusioned American's to support Basic Income as a solution for our collective well being and future. 
What We Do
  • Host regular educational meetings and give public presentations.

  • Promote Basic Income to all media channels.

  • Partner with other activist’s organizations for social good.

  • Provide training and educational materials.

  • Form alliances with existing Basic Income groups in the US.

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Our Committed Team

Tammy Allen, President

Basic Income adds economic rights to human rights. It is a far sweeping solution for mental health, women’s rights and extreme poverty. It puts an end to the class war because it is given to every person without condition, rich, poor, conservative or liberal. I pledge to dedicate all of my time, energy and resources to enact a law for Basic Income.

Malik Bey

My name is Malik Bey. I am a 24 year old Producer, Artist, and Visionary and fully support the Basic Income initiative for all people. I decided to become an activist for universal basic income after being introduced to the concept early 2017 because it makes too much sense; if we care for one another, then we will do what it takes to support everybody and their well-being. We live in abundance, so we all deserve to have our basic needs met without conditions.

Carmel Bourjolly

An unconditional basic income is a step towards worldwide unconditional love. I am in the business of helping and loving everyone that is why I am a basic Income Activist! If people think that these things are impossible utopias, then I am a walking fairytale "Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."-Rumi 

DeAndre Mathis

My name is Andre and I manage an insurance company. I also love to plan events. Anything that involves planning and coordinating captivates me. I am also very technical, which is why I'm responsible for publications here at UBIG. I support basic income because I know that no individual is more important than the next. Famine and poverty have been manufactured to us and we have collectively accepted it. We aim to change that. Our land, resources as well as our capacity to think are abundant, not scarce. There is no reason why every human beings basic needs should not be met!

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People everywhere are concerned about their economic future and are getting involved to claim back our citizen rights and sure that everyone gets their need met with a basic income.

Adrian Bernal, Vice President

Adrian Bernal is a Chicano Human Rights Activist and Citizen Journalist dedicated to promoting common sense solutions to today's problems. Bernal believes in transparency and accountability in public and private policies and practices that benefit Humanity.

Ronald Atkins, Treasurer

As an accountant and financial advisor, I see Universal Basic Income as a human right and an economic solution in helping to level the playing field and in building self esteem which would allow for so much more creativity. When decreasing the need to be concerned about ones basic needs allows for so much more creativity.  This creativity has the potential to increase the probability of birthing new entrepreneurs with new ideas which could result in new inventions, technologies and job creation.

Paola Mitchell

Basic income, for me, is an opportunity for the human race to shift our evolution. It Gives us a chance to eliminate the man-made suffrage that hinders ours physiological conditions. We are one human species so collectively we suffer, and collectively we grow. When our physical needs are met, we can focus on our mental, emotional, and spiritual development. I believe I will live to see a shift in human consciousness for basic human rights, The same way we've seen in race and gender inequalities.

Malik Evans

The reason that I am passionate about UBIG is the intention behind the idea. Everyone has a God given right to live a happy and healthy existence. Anything that helps the betterment our mankind is worth putting focus and energy into. I am more than happy to walk among the collective in support for basic universal income for all.

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